Culturas de los Andes

Andean Links

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Andean Music -- Música Andina

·       Cultures of the Andes, Quechua, Songs, Music, (at This site, with words and audio files)

·       Alborada,  great Andean music from Peru, words in Quechua

·       Wayanay Inka, Nice page, traditional andean music with audio files of complete songs; has a page on Inka culture. *

·       Inti-Illimani, group's web page

·       Música de Jauja, songs from this Peruvian city

·       Guitares du Quatuor Atahualpa

·       El Rincón Musical Peruano, Huaynos en formato MIDI

·       Rumillajta, with RealAudio files

·       Pachakuti, Music of the Andes, in Europe, with links

·       Andean Folk Music Group, with a few audio samples

·       Quichua Mashis, Music samples, (sells Albums, instruments, clothing)

·       Karumanta Jamuyku, Musical group, sample songs, (lovely music, difficult to purchase)

·       Music from the Andes, large selection

·       Sisa Pacari, Music from the Andes

·       Mitimaes, Peruvian musical group

·       Arpay, Andean musicians

·       Grupo Uchpa, Entrevista con Fredy Ortiz

·       Los Kjarkas, Cochabamba, Bolivia

·, Music of Bolivia

·       Fortaleza, World music with the spirit of South América

Musical Instruments -- Instrumentos

·       Andean Instruments, Rumillajta, comprehensive web site with wind, percussion, string, and sample sounds. (one of our readers says their instruments have Good sound and quality, reasonable prices)

·       Inkas Wasi, Music and dance of the Andes

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Andes Websites

·        Aymara's Page, Aymara Language.

·        Imágenes de Jauja, photos of Peruvian City

·        Patagonia, The Living Edens, (nice page)

·        Perú... Ventana a la Aventura, Fotografías

·        The Saraguros: native people of the Andean highlands of southern Ecuador

·        Descendants of the Incas, Traditional Textiles of Cusco, Pictures of people and places

·        The Andes, a Photo Gallery

·        Tupac Amaru, the life, times and execution of the last Inca; Inti Raimi, Festival of the Sun

·        Inca Trail, Machu Picchu and Mysterious Peru, with many links *

·        Peru Photos, many good pictures of Touristic spots

·        Inca Trail, Caminos del Inca, Trips & Travels, David Gualtieri.

·        South America - Peru and Bolivia, travel photos

·        Photos of Ecuador and Perú, Andry’s page.

·        Civilisations du Pérou ancien, in French

·        Chipaya, high planes farmers of Bolivia, by National Geographic

·        Organization of the Inca empire, Teachers resources, 6 excerpts.

·        Photos of Andean Villages, Akataksa

·        Tradiciones de Huamanga

·        Andean Images, many pictures.

·        Wititi or Wifala, dances of Andean Arequipa.

History & Archaeology -- Arqueológico

·        Andean History; Inca empire, Colonial, Andean Republics

·        Pre-Columbian Culture Links, Central América, Pre-Columbian Culture Links, South América, Ron Warner.

·, continentes de enlaces

·        Machu Picchu, how its secrets were kept

·        National Geographic Andes Expedition, and Ice Treasures of the Inca

·        Quipus: Talking Knots of the Inka

·        Mitos y Leyendas del Perú Prehispánico

·        The Ancient Walls: Enigma in the Andes, a slide show of photos

·        Cuzco, La vallée sacrée des Incas, Machu Picchu, in French, nice fotos

·        Andean Archaeology books

·        World Heritage Sites in Perú

·        Inca Civilization of Perú, South América, images of Anthropology

·        Peruvian Quipu, Dead Media Archive

·        The soil drawings in Perú - evidence of prehistoric aviation, Otto Lilienthal Museum

·        SIARB Arte Rupestre de Bolivia, Sociedad de Investigación del Arte Rupestre de Bolivia

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Andean Languages -- Lenguas


·        Cultures of the Andes, Quechua Songs, poems, jokes, language lessons, with audio files

·        Quechua Lessons by Skype

·, Puerta a todos los idiomas de la familia Quechua

·        Quechua Language Homepage, Barry Brian Werger’s, Bolivian, with grammar lessons

·        Quechua Ancashino, in German

·        Quechua Network, Cultura Inka

·        Curso de Quechua, grammar - gramática, (Spanish only), some audio files

·        Ethnologue Languages of the World, Quechua from different places of Perú

·        Runasimi.DE, Quechua, Quichua, Ayacucho, Qosqo,Vocabulary and more

·        Quechua / Aymara, Arturo Cueva

·        Runasimipi Qespisqa Software, Project to create free software in Quechua

·        Google Piruw Llika (Web), Mask’ana Amawt’a Ajllanakuna, Llank’anakuna Simimanta

·        Religious writtings in Quechua

·        Quechua Language, alphabet and pronounciation, writing systems & languages of the world.

·        Diccionario Quechua - Aymara al Español, Division del tiempo, partes del cuerpo, colores, nombres, palabras communes,

·        Diccionario Español - Quechua - Aymara, El Perú, la cultura, turismo y mas

·        Diccionario Español - Quechua - Aymara, Algunas palabras básicas

·        Kechwa Resource Center University of Kansas

·        English Quechua Dictionary

·        English – Quechua Dictionary, Lonely Planet Publications

·        Quechuas, Wikipedia

·        Quechua, Language and Linguistics

·        United Nation Human Rights, Quechua del Cusco


Classes de Quechua en el Cusco

·        Centro Bartolomé de las Casas, Colegio Andino, clases de Quechua

·        Course in Andean Linguistics and Bilingual Education

·        Colegio Andino Exchanges, Centro de Estudios Regionales Bartolomé de Las Casas

·        Acupari, Languag School, Cusco – Perú


Quichua from Argentina

·        El Quichua, (In Spanish: with DICTIONARY, poems, stories and grammar lessons)

·        Santiago del Estero Quichua, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Freelang Diccionario: Quechua-Argentino-Castellano

·        El Quichua de Santiago del Estero, Diccionario Quichua – Castellano

·        Quichua, Santiago del Estero of Argentina, Bringing definition to the unfinished task

·        Origen de la palabra Quechua, Argentina Indymedia

·        Quechua, (Quichua Inga, Inca, Runasimi) Indiana University


Quichua from Ecuador

·        Avi Tuschman:  Runasimi - Deutsch - English - Español - Français: Dictionary and Language aids

·, Ecuador/Colombia

·        Amazon Jungle Lodge El Jardín Aleman, Quichuas from Ecuador

·        Quichua People of Ecuador, Incas and Quichua People

·        A Quechua School in the Ecuadorian Andes

·        Kichwa, Wikipedia, free encyclopedia



·        Aymara,  (Cultura y religion del pueblo Aymara)

·        Aymara Index, of online literature

·        Quechua & Aymara page

·        Omniglot Aymara writing systems, Aymara official alphabet

·        Aymara culture, history, geography, politics, ethnic group

·        Aymara Language Material Program

·        Underspecification and Vowel Elisions in Southern Aymara

·        Kechuaymara, History, communities, current programs



·        Documentation Center of Mapuche

·        Mapudungun:  A language of Chile

·        The Mapuche Language Page,  (indigenous people of southern Chile and Argentina)

·        The Mapuche Nation, Culture, language, history and current situation

·        The Mapuche Nation - El Pueblo Mapuche, Mapuche documents and more

·        Community Being Indigenous,

Other -- Otros

·        Super Spanish Language Sites, Internet resources

·        Guide to Spanish Language Web Sites in the Internet, Spanish dictionaries

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Geography of Andean Countries -- Geografía

·        Argentina: fact sheet and map

·        Bolivia: fact sheet and map

·        Chile: fact sheet and map

·        Colombia: fact sheet and map

·        Ecuador: fact sheet and map

·        Peru: fact sheet and map

·        Map of South América, Geographic Guide

·        South America Map

·        South América Political Map

·        World, South América

·        Guide to Andean Countries: Geology, Climate, Flora & Fauna

·        Satélite Radar image La Paz, Bolivia and Ecuadorian volcanoes

·        World map, showing temperature of Andean countries

·        Introducing Machu Picchu, Travel guide, Lonely Planet

·        Habitats of the Andes, General information

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Miscellaneous Andean Sites

·        Mi Chacra, documentary film, follows a young indigenous Peruvian man who becomes a porter on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, to support his family in an Andean village.

·        Culture-Latin América: Indigenous Languages in Final Throes

·        Latin American Network Information Center , (LANIC) and Indigenous Peoples, Extensive links on South American topics *

·        Latin America, Historical text archive 

·        Inti Raimi Festival of the Sun

·        Machu Picchu, Ancient City, Peru, Encyclopedia Británica

·        Historical Text Archive, Latín América

·        Andean Lives,  Book by Gregorio Condori & Asunta Quispe on Peruvian Culture

·        NOVA Online Adventure, Ice Mummies of the Inca

·        South América, Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

·        Perú, Wikitravel

·        South American: Great Pictures of the Andes mountains and Natives in Costume

·        Pintores de Tigua Indigenous Artists of Ecuador

·        Indigenous Peoples in the Andes *

·        Peru Gateway Travel, Macchu Picchu, Cusco, and all Peru.

·        Photographs of Quechua and Aymara natives

·        Equateur,  (in French)

·        Travel Pictures:   Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela

·        Inka Trail to Machu Picchu, Independent Inka Trail information for visitors to Perú.  This  is a non-comercial site.

·        Inca Trail, Google images

·        Inca Road System, Wikipedia

·        Google videos, images of Inka Trail

·        Images of Inka Trail, Google

·        Hiking the Inka Trail, by Janie and Ric Finch

·        Care in Perú, Perú Statistics

·        Hands up Holidays...Adventure That Count, Incas & Amazons

·        Photos of Bolivia, and Peru, Chile, Argentina

·        Bolivia Contact, Travel guide and hotel directory of Bolivia

·        South America,  Travel photos

·        Photos of Bolivia, Bolivia is a land of extremes

·        Perú images, Google

·        Perú Contact, Travel guide and hotel directory of Perú

·        Tupiza, Bolivian photos

·        Perú Prehispánico, Enlaces de interés

·        Bolivian Journeys, Mountaineering

·        Mink'a News, Peruanos en el exterior

·        Casa de Milagros, Chandler Sky Foundation, Cusco, Perú

·        Volunteer Work in Cusco, Perú, Latin America


Human Rights, Guerrilla and Leftist Movements -- Derechos Humanos, Movimientos de Guerrilleros

·        Derechos Humanos, en america latina (spanish & english)

·        History of Perú, World History at KMLA

·        military junta in Argentina arrested dissidents, who then "vanished"

·         Human Rights Watch in Perú,

·        Che Guevara, Granma Internacional

·        Dignidad Nacional, Movimiento Democrático del Perú

·        Pueblo Indio, a large site by CEACISA

·        Freedom of Speech and Human Rights in the Andes,

·        Poem, of a Serrano in prison, translated to English


Crafts (some for sale) -- Artesanias

·        Andean Crafts for sale

·        Alpaca Pete's - Alpaca Rugs for sale.

·        Hand Crafted Folk Art.

·        Llama Collectibles

·        Andean "software", wool clothing.

·        Pallay, Andean textiles, many samples.

·        Peruvian Handicrafts, Llacta

·        Andean arts and crafts, Novica


Coca, The Divine Plant of the Inkas

·        Bolivia Coca Trade

·        Video 11 Foro Internacional de la Hoja de Coca

·        La Leyenda de la Coca, “Leyendas de mi tierra” por Antonio Díaz Villamil

·        Miths about Coca, Legend of the Coca

·        Museo de la Coca, Coca Museum

·        Propuestas - Coca y Soberanía, Artículos e Investigaciones

·        Khukita, Coca “chakaruna”

·        La Caca se venga de sus verdugos, Jorge Hurtado

·        Un Doctor para la Coca, Teobaldo Llosa

·        Bolivia Coca Trade

·        UN wants to ban ancient Andean traditon of chewing Coca

·        Bolivia and Coca, A Study in Dependency, Studies on the impact of the illegal Drug

·        Discovering the secret of the ancient Peruvians, The True about Mate Coca

·        Osteoporosis Free:  with Peruvian Coca Leaf, Coca Leaf.. Traditional Medicine.

·        Coca, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Foods -- Comidas

·        Pachamanca, An Andean Feast *

·        Recipes from Peru, Recetas

·        Recetas Peruanas

·        Cuy, a traditional Andean entree, Sacred food for the Incas

·        Articles related to "Quinua recipes"

·        Quinua - a super grain, Quinua information and recipes

·        Andean Quinua dinner rolls, Pancitos de Quinua

·        Kañiwa bread, Zocalo gourmet

·        Cocina Boliviana

·        Ecuadorian Food Description, Recipes

·         Ecuadorian Cocktails, Classical drinks

·        Lost crops of the Incas, Little known plants of the Andes with promise for worldwide cultivation

·        Maca Vitae, Inka natura

·        Quinua, soul food of the Andes, Vegetarians in Paradise

·        Maca - Kiwicha - Quinua, Discovering the secret of the ancient Peruvians

·        Perú Village, Maca, Kiwicha, Quinua

·        Zócalo Heritage Grains & Flours, Purple corn, Kañiwa, Lima bean

·        Andean Native Potatoes, Nearly 4,000 different varieties of potato are found in the Andes


·        Alpacas, All American Alpacas  

·        Llama-Web, Llamas on the Internet.

·        Llamas/Alpacas, Learning resources for students, families & teachers

·        Alpaca owners and breeders association

·        Llamas and Alpacas in the Andes, Silent Landscapes Photography

·        Made in South América, 2009 International Year of Natural Fibres

·        Descendants of The Incas, Weaving traditions and family ties

Travel & Tours – Viajes

·        Latin América, Rei Adventures

· in South Americ a

·        Ecological Tourism, Inca Trail to Machupicchu, Apurimac River, Torres del Paine...

·        The Andes Mountains, The Southeast Pacific Region, Southeast Pacific Climate

·        Andes, Wikipedia, The free Encyclopedia

·        The Andes Mountains, Google images

·        Habitats of the Andes Mountains, General information

·        Andes Mountains, Plants, Animals, Climate

·        Patagonia Travel Links*

·        Andean Trails, Trekking in Peru. Visit Andean festivals!

·        South America Travel Guide, Virtual Tourist

·        World Travel Tips, South América

·        South América, Travel tips

·        Safety Tips for Travel in South América, Google

·        Galapagos & Ecuadorian Andes travel guide

·        Torres del Paine and Patagonia - Chile, Maps and photos

·        Torres del Paine, Google videos 

·        Inka Natura Travel, Perú Explorer

·        Ecuador- A world apart, Ecuador ClassicTours

·        Topas Travel Bolivia, Turismo de aventura

·        Adventure Specialists, horse trips, treks, climbing, archaeology, research expeditions to Peru

·        Cordillera Blanca Huaraz, Mountain Bike Adventures

·        Perú trips with Perú Discovery, Tours Mountain Bike

·        Adventures in South America, Tours of Andes in Bolivia & Peru *

·        Peruvian Andes Adventures, Tours treks, culture, climbs  & hiking

·        Cultural & Adventure Travel in Peru, APU EXPEDICIONES, links to andean pictures

·        Trekking & Running Adventures in Peru and Patagonia

·        Bolivia Andes, FremenTours

·        Bolivian Andes, Peakware World Mountain Encyclopedia

·        An Expedition in the Bolivian Andes,

·        Climbing and Trekking in the Bolivian Andes

·        Cusco Travel

·        Condor Travel, Perú / Chile / Ecuador / Bolivia

·        Andes Tours, Peru

·        Rumbos Online, The Travel Magazine

·        Cultural Expeditions in Peru

·        Chachapoyas, preInca Kuelap Ruins in the Amazonas cloud forest

·        Lake Titicaca Photos, Google images

·        Lake Titicaca photos, Photos of Titicaca, Copacabana, and Puno

·        Lake Titicaca - Crystalinks

·        Sacred Destinations, Lake Titicaca, Perú and Bolivia

·        Uros, Perú The Floating Islands Lake Titicaca

·        Uros Islands Photo Gallery, by Brian McMorrow

·        Two to Travel, Islas Flotantes de los Uros

·        Perú, Travel guide and hotels in Perú

·        Bolivia,  Travel guide and hotels

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