Culturas de los Andes

Pronunciation -- Pronunciación (Quechua Ayacucho)

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Yupay -- Counting -- Contar

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1 Juq (Juk, hoq)
2 Iskay (iskai)
3 Kinsa (Kimsa)
4 Tawa
5 Pichq'a (pisqa)
6 Soqta
7 K'anchis (qanchis)
8 Pusac (pusaq)
9 Isqon (isk'un)
10 Chunka

L L i m p i k u n a -- Colors -- Colores

yellow ballK'ello (q'ellu) = Yellow, Amarillo.
blue ballAnqas (Anjas) = Blue, Azul.
white ballYuraq = White, Blanco.
black ballYana = Black, Negro.
gray ballKosñi (q'osñi) = smoke-Gray, Gris.
light gray (oqe) (light gray)
red ballPuka = Red, Rojo.
green ballQ'omer = Green, Verde.
purple ballKulli = Purple, Morado.
brown ballCh'umpi = Brown, Marrón.

Pronunciation for English Speakers

Vowels Sounds are similar to:
ay = eye
aw = ou t
ey = ei ght
iy = ea t
oy = Oi nk
uy = whea t

Consonants Sounds
Are hard to learn without hearing Quechua. If you sound like a German, making hard consonant sounds while clearing your throat, you're getting close. "ll" and ñ are special letters from the Spanish alphabet; "ll" has an ly sound as in William; ñ sounds like the first n in onion.

The Accented syllable is similar to Spanish, (with the stress on the second to last syllable, unless there is an accent mark), except for words that end with "Y".

The pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling varies between different Quechua dialects. Native Quechua speakers from different countries or even different provinces are sometimes suprised when they talk with each other, and find how varied their language is.

We have a 73 minute Audio CD and tape, so you may hear native Quechua speakers.
Grabación en cinta y Disco Compacto, de lecciones básicas de Quechua.

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