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Pillow Covers, with Andean Designs

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Click on pictures for enlarged detail of the knitting on the covers

pillow case 1, 29KB
  • Item #W1
  • Andean Woman & Llama

pillow case 2, 29KB
  • Item #W2
  • Boy playing Quena flute, with Llama carrying his pack

pillow case 3, 28KB
  • Item #W3
  • Girl with Llama

pillow case 4, 28KB
  • Item #W4
  • Man and Woman Dancing

pillow case 5, 33KB
  • Item #W5
  • Llama with Man sounding horn

pillow case 6, 28KB
  • Item #W6
  • Llama and the Sun Inti

Click on pictures for enlarged detail of the knitting on the cushion Covers

Hand Embroidered with yarn, each case is unique, they come in an assortment of colors. These are 16 inches by 16 inches and weigh 4.5 oz unstuffed. The cream colored, coarse weave, wool case has a zipper in the back.

Price is $18 for each case. Shipping for a pair of covers is $3.50 within the United States, $7 to other countries.

detail of knitting, 41KB

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